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Dancing at Express

At Express, classes are led by Ms. Hannah, the owner, or her talented head instructors.

Ms. Hannah is firm yet fun, and enjoys kids of all ages. Whether she’s teaching dance fundamentals or advanced techniques, she encourages an enthusiasm for dance in all her students.

We believe classes work best when expectations are clear on all sides, and our goal is to create an atmosphere of open communication with families. Our strict standards and policies are designed to ensure all dancers reach their highest potential.

Discover more about Ms. Hannah and her dance career here.

You’ll find a basic overview of our class structure below. Check out our FAQ’s for dress code questions, etc., or see our detailed policies here.

:: NOTE: Our Open House for 2023-24 registration will run July 13-15; deadline to register is August 6::




Ages 3-7; must be potty trained

Cost: $59 per month

A 45-minute class for our youngest dancers, designed to teach basic ballet and tap positioning of the feet, arms and hands while properly executing movement as well as facial expression. With tap, they will learn the basic shuffle steps needed to move on to more advanced classes as well.

pre-level 1 and Level 1


Ages 6-8

Cost: $80 per month

A 60-minute class that continues with ballet and tap, along with beginning lyrical, jazz and elements of hip-hop as they progress. Students will begin to learn more advanced material like leaps and turns, as well as focusing on flexibility skills and facial expression.

Level 2


Ages 8-11

Cost: $80 per month

A 60-minute class that focuses on ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz and additional hip-hop. Skill sets will include the fundamentals of basic leaps and turns, building on technique, while executing more flexibility skills and facial expression.

pre-level 3 and Level 3

Level 3 dancers


Ages 10-12 and 12-15+

Cost: $80, $120 or $155 per month depending on length of class

A class that combines ballet, lyrical and contemporary, plus tap, jazz and hip hop. This class will focus strongly on technique, as well as strengthening movement, facial expression and executing leaps and turns to prepare them for Express Elite.

Express elite


Ages 14-18

Cost: $155 per month

The most advanced class we offer at 120 minutes long. Focused on ballet, lyrical/contemporary, tap, jazz and hip hop. Their skill set will continue to grow throughout the year in dance choreography and facial expressions as well as technical elements like leaps, turns and flexibility.

Private lessons

  • $35 for 30 minutes or $65 for 60 minutes
  • Dancers and parents are to discuss with Ms. Hannah reasons why they’d like to enroll in private lessons (what does the dancer want to improve on, why do they want to take private lessons to begin with, etc)
  • Private lessons and solos/duets are separate (ex : if a dancer attends private lessons, this does not guarantee them a solo or a duet in recital)
  • Meeting times of private lessons are TBD by Ms. Hannah – depending on availability
Leaping dancer

Have questions? You can find additional answers on our FAQ page, or send us a message here.