Frequently asked questions at Express:

  1. What is the age range of classes? If you check our Dance page, it lists each class and the approximate ages. Prima’s start at age 3, and the Express Elite goes through age 18 or Senior year. Ms. Hannah considers each dancer’s ability and age for the final decision on appropriate class level.
  2. When are classes? We set our schedule for the year after registration, just like other sports, once the number of students is finalized. Class sizes are limited (we do not like to have more than 13 students per class) and grouped by ability. In general, classes meet once a week, Monday-Thursday.
  3. Can we sign up for dance classes at any time? No. Our dance year runs from September through May. We can only accept students during our registration period, which is mid-July. Classes then begin in mid-September.
  4. Do you have a recital? Yes! That’s the best part of dance 🙂 Our recital is at the end of the year in late May and is a fun showcase of all our dancers. Tickets are approx. $13 per person, with kids 3 and under free.
  5. What should my dancer wear to classes? Pink tights with any color leotard (no gymnastics leotards). Dance pants, capris, shorts, skirts and shirts are allowed as long as they are appropriate and feature no words.  If you need a good source, we often use discountdancesupply.com. 
  6. What about hair? Hair must be pulled back from the face into either a bun or a high ponytail for all classes. At recital, hair must be in a clean bun.
  7. Anything my dancer shouldn’t have? No jewelry and no gum.
  8. Does the dress code really matter? Yes. Absolutely. Our standards are high and we expect our dancers not only to try their best, but look their best while doing it as well.
  9. What’s the general atmosphere in class? Professional, encouraging and supportive. Questions are always welcome. Our teachers are here to teach and help your dancer learn, grow and feel confident both as a person and a dancer. This supportive attitude is combined with a firm expectation of respect on the student’s side – no sass, backtalk, distracting or inappropriate behavior is allowed. Classes are highly structured and organized for the best possible amount of learning. Practice outside of class time is expected. Parents are always welcome to talk to Ms. Hannah with any questions or concerns.
  10. How much does dance cost?  We feel the value of dance is priceless 🙂 but like any sport or hobby, dance comes with a variety of costs throughout the year. Here’s how they break down at Express:
    • Class tuition: Prima’s = $65/month; Pre-Level 1 = $85/month; Level 1 = $85/month; Level 2 = $85/month; Pre-Level 3= $85/month; Level 3 = $85 or $120/month (depends on length of class); Evolution Elite = $120 or $160/month (depends on length of class); Express Elite = $160/month
      • Tuition is due the first lesson of each month. A $15 late fee is automatically added if payment is more than 2 weeks late.
    • Costumes for recital: These range from $70-80 per costume. Pre-Prima and Pre-Level 1 have 2 costumes; Levels 1,2 and 3 have 3 costumes; Evolution Elite and Elite has 3-4 costumes.
      • Costume fees are due by December and are non-refundable after November 1. They arrive prior to pictures in early spring. Alterations are the dancer’s responsibility.
    • Tights: Pink tights are required for class; tan tights are required for pictures and recital = ranges $18-32.
    • Shoes: These range, depending on sizes. Prima classes require ballet and tap shoes; all other classes require ballet, tap and jazz. Ballet = $32-50; Tap = $40-100; Jazz = $65; Hip-Hop = $70-80.
      • Dancers should bring all shoes to each class.
    • Registration and recital fees: $30 for registration; $30 for recital; or $50 if paid together at registration time. These are non-refundable fees.
    • Pictures: These are optional to purchase but attendance is mandatory (unless approved by Ms Hannah). You should know that we use Jamie Tobin Photography and she does an INCREDIBLE job! Not your traditional dance class pictures (as you can see by our website) 😉
    • Misc: Costume accessories such as gloves may be extra = around $10; and tickets for the recital = approx. $13/per person. Express merchandise such as T-shirts, costume bags and water bottles are always optional.

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